Early days

Rolf Magnus Fallgren was born on 31 March 1969 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In 1974 he moved with his family to Gothenburg.

During the school years he spent his time on the football field or playing handboll. Still very interested in sports but never really had the same passion for it as for the music.


Early career

By age 12, 1981, Magnus picked up the guitar for the first time. In the end of the punk era, to start a band with full instrument setting was easy in Sweden thrue the community youth centers. Inspired of learning to play, Magnus formed a band to play hard rock. During this period a lot happened in the music world. From Britain came the new wave of british heavy metal, and this off course, where the biggest inspiration for a young teenager wanting to become a rockstar. Albums like Thin Lizzy´s Black rose, Maiden´s The number of the beast and Judas Priest British steel had a huge impact.

In late 1987, Magnus became the vocalist for the band S.O.S, first and only time in a band without playing any instrument. S.O.S who had some smaller success locally where a great school to learn what he had to improve. Until this point he had been singing but never really been challenged to improve his voice or singing technique. In S.O.S he learned fast what he had to work with to become a singer.


After leaving S.O.S in 1990 and after trying with another band Under the cross Magnus decided to try out with a cover band. Having two little kids this was the perfect way to combine family life with the rock´n roll dream. 1998 Magnus went solo, a singing guitarist with backtrax. A great way to develop and take on an audience.



Getting anxious to start his songwriting again, Magnus started a number of projekts, thrue the community youth centers, writing mini-musicals and rocksongs for band and youthchoir, Taking these projects out on the road on mini tours, the urge to start a band again took over.

In 2004 he met the guitarist Torbjörn Haag, and they started working together. At first by playing as a cover band, but soon they started to write songs together. They formed the first version of the band Cormada.



In 2012 Cormada released the first version of the album Music for generations to come. Pretty soon after the release they agreed that this version had to much synth arrangement and they went back to write new material, much more back to roots guitar based rock songs. Magnus also felt that he had more music he wanted to get out, so in 2016 he released the solo album, Let it all begin, more of a soft rock style of music.

In the spring of 2017, Legend Ice, a heavy metal project with Magnus on guitar and vocals, Michelle Jacobsson on drums and Biffen Jorgensen on bass, released the EP Scream louder.

In the autumn of 2017, Cormada decided to redraw the album Music for generations to come, and re-arranging and re-record it. At the same time they stared to write songs for the second album, Get in to breakout. They now felt that they had developed a style and a sound that they felt more comfortable with. Honest back to basic hard rock.



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